(Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

The Redskins have won two playoff games in the past 18 seasons, won 11 games over the past two seasons combined, and are starting a rookie quarterback. Many fans — or at least, the fans I talk to — are hoping for a .500 season in 2012. They’d be happy with that, even.

But Peter King evidently thinks much more could be in store.

The veteran Sports Illustrated writer was on LaVar and Dukes Friday afternoon. (Audio below.) And LaVar asked a question he and I have discussed: whether the mountains of RGIII press and string of RGIII commercials means the Redskins rookie will be judged more harshly than Colts rookie Andrew Luck, even if they have similar seasons.

“It could be, because obviously Robert Griffin III enters a different situation than Andrew Luck does,” King responded. “The Washington Redskins beat the Super Bowl champions by double digits twice last year, and their defense is back. So you look at the Redskins and then you look at the Colts, and they’ve got a couple pieces of the foundation, but they’re starting it from scratch other than Wayne, Mathis, Freeney and Vinatieri, for the most part.

“And so the Colts are not gonna win much this year, I don’t think,” King concluded. “Whereas I wouldn’t be that surprised to see the Redskins make the playoffs and win a playoff game. It’s gonna be different anyway; it was going to be different even before Griffin made himself a little bit more public than Andrew Luck is going to be.”

Sure, it’s the NFL, anything is possible. And sure, there are reasons to think the Redskins could be more successful than they were a year ago. But I think I would be surprised to see the Redskins make the playoffs and win a playoff game.