After writing last week that Manning was not a great fit in Washington, Billick has continued to pound home that message after Manning’s release from the Colts, giving at least two radio interviews on Thursday morning to that effect.

“I have a tough time imagining that Mike Shanahan is truly gonna subvert his system — I don’t know if that’s the right term or not — in terms of what has been successful [for] a lifetime, a career,” Billick said on ESPN Radio. “Certainly he’ll adapt, but to the degree that you need to if you’re gonna bring in Peyton Manning? Plus, I don’t know that they have the assets currently there to make it attractive enough to come to Washington.”

“Look at the Washington Redskins,” Billick later said on 106.7 The Fan. “A, I don’t think Mike Shanahan — even though it’s a Hall of Fame guaranteed quarterback like Peyton Manning — is going to subvert his offensive terminology and mentality for a Peyton Manning. Plus I don’t think they have the assets. And I don’t mean the financial assets; I mean the receivers, the tight end, the offensive line, the type of running back you want to match what a Peyton Manning wants to do. That’s not an indictment of Washington. I just don’t think it’s a fit.” 

Adam Schefter, of course, has Washington among his Final Four suitors for Manning.