Hey, if I’m going to quote every last ESPN employee on Peyton Manning to the Redskins, I might as well quote the mayor of D.C.

That would be longtime Skins fan Vincent Gray, and he’s lukewarm on the notion, at best.

“Peyton Manning?” NewsChannel 8’s Bruce DePuyt DuPuyt asked the mayor this week. “Would you like to see him in Burgundy and Gold?”

“You know, I think it depends on what role he would play, Bruce,” Gray said. “But I really think the Redskins need a quarterback that they can build with for the future. You know, Andrew Luck is probably going to go to the Colts, but there’s Robert Griffin III, and there’s a couple other promising quarterbacks that are out there. We’ve kind of been down this pathway with quarterbacks who’ve been great but maybe are in the back end of their career, and even if he comes in and plays a year or two, where do we go from there?”

“If going young meant another year of 5-11 but it meant potentially a brighter future...is that a [satisfactory] tradeoff, if you will?” DePuyt DuPuyt asked.

“That’s exactly the direction I would go,” Gray said. “You look at some of the teams that are up-and-coming, I mean, you look at Atlanta, you look at what San Diego did with Philip Rivers...”

DePuyt DuPuyt then mentioned San Francisco.

“The 49ers, exactly right,” Gray said. “Every team now that is really moving forward has done it by building with a quarterback of the future.”

(First noticed by DCist.)


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