(Tony Gutierrez/AP)

“They were making noise on the other side of the ball,” Jason Garrett said. “It was pretty obvious Tony wasn’t even close to being ready, and they were saying some things that sounded a lot like our cadence.”

And multiple reports in the Dallas media suggested that former Cowboy Bowen might have been to blame.

Via one ESPN Dallas story:

[Tony] Romo said the Redskins were screaming at the the center to confuse him and in some cases knew the snap count.

Former Cowboys defensive end Stephen Bowen, who now plays for the Redskins, might have helped in this area.

Yet if deemed true, the Redskins did violate an NFL rule about defensive players trying to throw the center off.

And via another ESPN Dallas story:

Phil Costa learned a valuable lesson Monday night: figure out Tony Romo’s voice.

Stephen Bowen spent five years with the Cowboys and learned something about Romo’s snap count over the years, and that led to Washington to simulate the call, leading to Costa to at least three early snaps. The Cowboys alerted the officiating crew during the game to no avail.

Well, Costa himself appeared on the radio part of ESPN Dallas on Tuesday, giving us a chance to hear exactly what the Redskins did to simulate the snap counts.

“I mean, that was it,” Costa said. “We were having that problem. But either way that can’t happen. I need to hear Tony and focus on what he’s saying.”

And so, Bowen was the culprit, right?

“Bowen, he wasn’t really doing it,” Costa said. “We’re doing the snap count and we’re hearing the D-line barking a little bit, and either way, you know, it’s on me.”

So how would he explain to people what happened to the center-quarterback exchange during this game?

“I mean, you’ve got to take the blame for it,” Costa said. “And right now, get that problem fixed, without a doubt, and move on to the Lions.”

And how, exactly, did the Redskins defensive linemen make it sound like their voices were coming from behind Costa?

“You know, it’s loud out there,” he said. “You hear in front of you, behind you, but you really just need to focus on Tony behind you. Got to be able to do it, get it done, you know?”

Damning stuff.