(Luis Alvarez/AP)

The longtime Redskin and locker-room leader was on 106.7 The Fan with LaVar Arrington and Chad Dukes, and after discussing his own situation, the talk turned to Haynesworth yet again.

“I felt like some things could have been done early to end that,” Daniels said. “I think a lot of people just needed to put their foot down and not let those things happen. I know Coach Haslett came out and said some things recently about the meeting room, and what he said is true. [Haynesworth] would have his phone in there, do some things, wouldn’t pay attention, wouldn’t write notes, those kind of things. But that’s up to the coaches to put their foot down and make sure that stuff don’t happen.

“I think a lot of the stuff was created by the coaches by not stepping in fast enough to get things handled and to tell him this is how it’s gonna be and that’s it. Of course we could have traded him a lot earlier, we could have did some things to help the team, but that distraction that was sitting there all year really hurt the team in a lot of ways. Because when you’ve got distractions like that, you can’t concentrate on football. And actually I think the team played their best football when he was suspended and he was out for a while.

“I really think it could have been handled a whole lot different. Also the Donovan situation, I feel like that could have happened a whole lot different. But yeah, a lot of that was [caused] by coaches not putting their foot down fast enough. But of course we’re all grown men, we’ve got to learn how to act. You’re a professional, you should know how to act. But [some] guys, they don’t. So coaches got to realize, you can’t let a man come in and run your team and run your defense. You’ve got to let him know where you stand and put your foot down and make that thing go away.”

Later, Daniels said the fault was split 50-50 between player and coach, and he again expressed confusion and bewilderment over the McNabb fiasco. Daniels also said Shanahan had extended an offer to him to work for the Redskins in the future, possibly as a coach-in-training, but that he still wants to pursue his football career.

“And my goal this year was to try to help the Redskins win the Super Bowl,” Daniels said. “I look at some of the moves they’re making, and it’s gonna be a long year. With the lockout and a short amount of time to learn what to do on offense and defense, it’s gonna be a lot of mistakes, a lot of people making errors out there on the field.”