I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that if the Redskins cut a veteran team leader during the first week of training camp, and that player then took to Twitter to issue a comprehensive critique of owner Dan Snyder, maybe the media folks would pick up on those comments. A little bit. Maybe.

So fairness probably dictates that we take notice when the reverse happens, and when a released veteran team leader decides to comprehensively praise Snyder on Twitter.

These comments from Phillip Daniels came last week, but I was in Iowa, and no one seems to have written anything about them, so I’ll go ahead and do so. Bear in mind that Daniels has also frequently expressed disappointment with the decision to cut him, and has argued that it was not a wise football move. I guess you might also bear in mind that he’s said he’d be interested in a future job in coaching and/or weight training.

Regardless, here’s what he wrote, over several postings. I’ve strung them together and made brief edits to help it make sense as one thought.

Dan Snyder is a class act. I really hope he wins a super bowl in the near future. He deserves to. I can never understand why people hate on Dan Snyder. He does all he can to win and cannot help the fact that money draws bad product sometimes.

The players who get satisfied after receiving the pay day and not performing should be the guilty ones. We [applaud] the signing of them and when it does not work out it’s Dan's fault.All the people being negative are the same ones who clapped when some coaches and some players came to the #Skins.
If it wasn’t for the pitfalls in life, we would never learn how to crawl out. Say and believe what you want to but after 7 years of playing for the #Skins he stuck his neck out to get a winner. Some coaches work and some don’t. Some players stay hungry and humble and some rob for checks. I know him, so if you are not going to take my word for it then you’re on your own.

Daniels continued the dialog with several fans, and when one attempted to catalog his reasons for dissatisfaction, the former defensive end answered “You don't know him.”