Garcon pointed out his cleats and wondered whose were uglier — his or RGIII’s. If the resulting comments are any indication, some Colts fans don’t care much for Garcon or his cleats.

Some were just bitter:

“chump sold out on us.”

“enjoy those stone hands . . . redskin fans :P”

“Have fun in Washington u sale out sure rg3 is goons workout just as well as Donovan mcnabb or Albert haynesworth... Hope ur seasons a bust.... SALE OUT” [huh?]

“You know who doesn’t have ugly cleats Andrew luck !!!!!!”

“thanks for ditching our team just like most of our players just cause manning left.”

“Who cares the ugliest thing will be your record, behind your sense of loyalty when you sold out to the ‘skins.”

More than one called him a “trader”:

“[bad word] trader. That’s what you are”

“u trader -_-”

“[naughty word] u trader”

At least one had some catching up to do:

“how do pierre garcon nd rg3 know each other ???”

And some just tried to change the subject:

“Erin Andrews is leaving ESPN, noooooooo.”

“Idk who looks more like a raptor, bosh or rg3”

It doesn’t look like we got to the bottom of the ugly-cleats debate. For the record, I think both are pretty fly. Also for the record, Bosh looks way more like a raptor.