(Frank Franklin II/AP)

“Is Strasburg starting for them tonight?” analyst Steve Blass asked.

“He is not,” the play-by-play man replied. “Do you ever read the papers?”

“Well, I have to bring it up, because I think it’s a travesty,” Blass said. “I hope the Nationals get crushed. And I love Davey Johnson. LOVE Davey Johnson.”

“So how do you feel about that, Steve?” the play-by-play man joked. “I’m not quite getting your drift.”

“You may never get there!” Blass continued. “Remember Danny Marino, getting to the Super Bowl one time? Thought he’d be back a bunch of times. Sometimes you only go that way once....

“The thing is, there’s no guarantee,” Blass later said. “I know they’re playing it on the safe side, and I know they’re protecting their investment, and I know why they’re doing it. I don’t agree with it, because there’s no guarantee if you shut him down for a year and a half that his arm wouldn’t blow up the next start. There’s no guarantee that if you pitch him another 70 innings, that he’s not going to be fine.”

Right. Anyhow, Jim Palmer and Gary Thorne also ripped the Nats on their own television network this week, during a MASN Orioles broadcast.

“I think it’s an abomination that they have removed him,” Thorne said, via Nats Enquirer. “To take him out, the best pitcher, and have that be the number one concern rather than winning and the fans, I just think it’s a terrible thing for baseball.”

Thorne also called it “a sin.” Seems rational.

(Blass comments via @DKnobler via @NationalsDSP.)