With the Penguins and Capitals set to play Thursday night at Verizon Center, surely you’ve been wondering what ESPN 970 host Stan Savran thinks about the firing of Bruce Boudreau, yes? No? Too bad.

“Well, someone suggested yesterday that Barbecue Bruce should be nominated for the Jagoff of the Week Hall of Fame and should be inducted,” Savran said on his show this week. “I don’t know, should there be a waiting period? Because Barbecue Bruce could resurface at any time. You never know what could possibly happen.

“Someone suggested that the Washington Crapitals, Gabriel says Jagoff of the Week should be the Washington Crapitals for firing Barbecue Bruce; who are we gonna poke fun at now? I am gonna miss him. The guy was very entertaining. He played that role to the hilt, the whining and complaining and whatever, and that got kind of annoying. But by and large, from a host perspective, from a fan perspective, the guy was entertaining....

 “I wonder if he’ll get another opportunity to coach in the NHL. I don’t know. I don’t know. He won an awful lot of regular-season games, but that’s like putting all the right ingredients into baking a cake and then it comes out tasting like tar. It doesn’t matter how well you baked the cake; the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.”