(Alex Brandon/AP)

Anyhow, in a recent episode, Georgia the blogger is interviewing Anne on a park bench, when this bit of dialog happens.

Anne: All my experience was in Southern California, so it took me a while to adjust to Washington's more ‘traditional’ aesthetic.
Georgia: D.C. is discovering you. You’ve just been hired by RG3, the Redskins’ rookie quarterback.
Anne: I’m thrilled to be working with Robert. It’s not often you get to accessorize with a Heisman Trophy.
Georgia: It’s a big job. 8,600 square feet to be completed by fall and the start of the NFL season. How would that conflict with your fiance’s schedule?
Anne: He already works all the time....
Georgia: His hours as his mother’s Chief of Staff are pretty grim, huh?

And so on and so forth. Anyhow, yet again, it’s Robert Griffin III taking over the universe. Although an 8,600-square foot house doesn’t really seem to be his style.

(Many thanks to the reader who first alerted me to this, whose name I forgot, and the USA Network for passing along the transcript.)