(Potomac Nationals)

Patty won with 39 percent of the vote. The Pickle, who showed up with his own pickle posse, came in second with 31 percent.

“There had to be at least 50 of them,” Potomac Nationals Vice President and GM Josh Olerud said of the crew who came to support The Pickle. “The people who were here for the mascots were very vocal. Everyone had a good time.”

Patty, who represents the Potomac Ice Center, also has his own “spirit team” that will accompany him to games. Apparently it’s no longer cool to fly solo.

Fluffy, a super pink fuzzy creature in a tutu, came in third. Probably because she didn’t have a posse.

Here are some pics of the winning mascot and the runners up, courtesy of the P Nats. Despite how it appears, I’m sure he’s a very nice Pickle and not really creeping those kids out.