The Preakness has a new mascot. Here’s how the Web site describes it.

This year’s Infieldfest Party at the Preakness has officially reached legendary status. An event so spectacular, we accidentally ripped a hole in the fabric of awesomeness and out stepped a freaking Centaur. Part champion Thoroughbred, part infield fan and all party manimal, he proclaimed ‘I am Kegasus, Lord and protector of InfieldFest.’ And since no one’s gonna argue with a centaur we replied, ‘All Hail Kegasus!’ He reminds us to never stop striving to Be Legendary.”

And by “Be Legendary,” we of course mean “take off your shirt and/or throw beer cans at each other.”

Oh, and he also says his “man stall” is the “perfect place to chillax.” Oh, and he is “the son of Preaknesius - God of Thoroughbred Racing - and Shelly McDougal, a waitress from Ellicott City...aka Lady of the Bottomless Refill.”

Sorry, Barbaro. Really, I am.

(Via Cheap Seats Daily.)