But if Reid vs. Wise didn’t satisfy you, then maybe you turned into PTI on Thursday, to watch a bald black former Washington Post sports columnist debate a bald white former Washington Post sports columnist on whether the Redskins should go after Peyton Manning or Robert Griffin III.

And if you didn’t do that, hell, you know what comes next.

“I don’t think Peyton Manning is going to the Redskins and I know you don’t either, so I guess RGIII,” Michael Wilbon said. “My point, Tony, is I’m so down on the Redskins, for good reason — because they’ve been a dysfunctional joke for more than a decade — that I think no matter who they get in here — if they had brought in John Elway straight from Stanford, they’d have screwed that up. So I have no faith in the Redskins ability to get anything right, including their choice at quarterback. But they should go after RGIII.”

“Yeah, see, I have some reservations,” Tony Kornheiser said. “He’s very, very fast, I want to make sure he can throw, and I’m concerned with this: Jeff Fisher, who I think’s a very good professional coach, has decided to stay with Sam Bradford and not take Robert Griffin III. So that raises your eyebrows a little bit. But if they Redskins think he’s the guy, go all in.”

“Go get him,” Wilbon agreed.

“Because the most important position in the world is quarterback,” Kornheiser continued. “And they made a mistake going for Donovan McNabb, and they made a mistake propping up John Beck. These are mistakes. And you only get one more, I think. So it seems to me you go, right? You go if you can get him.”

“I guess,” Wilbon said. “But look for a moment at the history, the recent history of the Redskins, how many picks they’ve blown chasing. I understand you have to get a [franchise QB], so maybe it’s this kid Tannehill, maybe it’s him....Who is the last franchise quarterback quarterback the Redskins had? Joe Theismann.”

“No. Sonny Jurgensen,” Kornheiser said.

“You’re gonna say Joe’s not a franchise quarterback?” Wilbon asked. “He went to two Super Bowls.”

“Joe Theismann came from the Canadian league, he came from the Canadian league,” Kornheiser said.

The end.


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