PTI weighed in on the possibility of Peyton Manning coming to the Redskins on Wednesday. The basic argument went like this.

Kornheiser: A healthy Manning would be great for the Redskins.

Wilbon: A healthy Manning should avoid the Redskins.

Then Wilbon called the Skins a “dysfunctional mess.”

I don’t know that that’s really an argument, since both things — or all three things, I suppose — could be true. But if you would like to know what our former star columnists think about the possibility read on.

Wilbon: What seemed like a joke when first suggested — Peyton Manning coming to the Washington Redskins, right — is now gaining momentum. Schefty has the Redskins in it, along with the Dolphins and Cardinals....Tone, are you buying that your Redskins and Manning would make a great marriage?

 Kornheiser: It’s a great idea for the Redskins. They don’t have a competent quarterback at the moment. If Peyton Manning is healthy — and this will determine whether he plays anywhere — if he’s healthy, he’s a GREAT quarterback. Twenty-five teams in the league right now sign on for Peyton Manning, throw their quarterbacks overboard. So it’s a great idea for the Redskins, because they were 6-10 and 5-11 the past two seasons.

 Wilbon: To keep doing this? To keep getting Hall of Famers late, after they’ve already left everything on the field somewhere else?

 Kornheiser: This is not Donovan McNabb, because in Donovan McNabb’s case, when you found out that Andy Reid was willing to trade him within the division, you had to think that Andy Reid felt he couldn’t be hurt. Now if you ask me, is it a good idea for Peyton Manning to join the Redskins? No.

 Wibon: You know what, there’s this whole school of thought somehow that the Redskins are different somehow. That THE PLAN Mike Shanahan has put out there is somehow going to be invincible. Well let me just suggest this about Mike Shanahan: 6-10, 5-11. Joe Gibbs had one good year, and then Jim Zorn, before that it was Marty Schottenheimer and Steve Spurrier. It’s always something. Ok, Mike Shanahan — who, as far as I’m concerned, you can put in the Hall of Fame as a coach down the road later — how many straight seasons has he missed the playoffs? Five.

 Kornheiser: Would you take Peyton Manning if he were healthy. Would you take him?

Wilbon: Depends on what kind of program I had. Depends on my program. They’re not close to winning. What do the Redskins have? They’re a joke. You just live here and you pay more attention to them.

Kornheiser: You take Peyton Manning, if healthy, because he’s a great quarterback.

Wilbon: If I was Peyton Manning I wouldn’t go near the Redskins. Dysfunctional joke.


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