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Not only did reporters ask Stan Van Gundy about it in New York, but reporters asked John Calipari about it at the Final Four.

“This team could not beat one NBA team. Not one,” he said, via Jeff Eisenberg.

Since Gary Williams made his comments, the issue has been raised on Sports Nation, The Dagger, SI.com, USA Today, ESPN.com, CBSSports.com, and who knows how many other sites.

“Could The Kentucky Wildcats Beat The Washington Wizards?” Deadspin asked on Thursday.

“No,” was the entirety of the answer.

Of course, the debate also spread to PTI, where our favorite ex-Washington Post sports columnists tackled the issue.

Wilbon: A broader topic which seems to have gone viral in the last 72 hours: Could a great college team beat a horrendous NBA team?...Tony, I don’t believe for one second you’re gonna take the bait on this, are you?

Kornheiser: I think I’m gonna be closer to jumping up out of the water and swallowing the bait on the hook than you are. I mean, my inclination is to say these are college kids, they’re 18 and 19, they’re playing against pros....

Wilbon: 30-point game. 30-point game.

Kornheiser: No, I don’t think it’s a 30-point game. Let me turn this around for a second, because the Wizards are the youngest team in the NBA, and they don’t have a lot of people that scare you, and they’re not much older than Kentucky. I believe the Wizards, right now, would trade their entire roster for Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

Wilbon: They should. We’re in agreement.

Kornheiser: So maybe 1 out of 10, MAYBE Kentucky could do it.

Wilbon: One out of 10? I might entertain that.....Booker would get 25 and 18. Don’t ever fall for that old joke, that college kids would beat pros. Because they won’t. Ever. You hate the Wizards so much. You’re too wrapped up in the Wizards.

Kornheiser: I like the Wizards. Wait, you hate the Wizards.

I don’t know who does or doesn’t hate the Wizards, but they’ve sure gotten a lot of publicity this week, thanks to Thom Loverro and Kevin Sheehan.

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