Thursday night, the Redskins launched their 80th anniversary celebration with an event inside their new practice bubble.

About a dozen Redskins legends — including Charley Taylor, Sam Huff, Bobby Mitchell, Brig Owens, George Starke, and Ken Harvey — attended Thursday’s reception, which featured a spread including throwback fare like watermelon soup, cake pops, salmon with mango salsa, fried chicken with pineapple and coconut, and artichoke salad.

The team announced a number of highlights of the season-long campaign, which included a poll to add 10 names to the “70 Greatest Redskins” list, a Thank You Tour featuring the 80th anniversary bus, an 80th anniversary gala, and an 80th anniversary community giving program. Plus, of course, the throwback uniforms, which are intended to pay tribute to Sammy Baugh’s first year in Washington, which was actually 75 years ago, but whatever.

Larry Michael promised that the campaign would be “the most comprehensive and fan-engaging campaign, ever.”

A few more quotes from the dignitaries.

Mike Shanahan, on the practice bubble: “You can kick-off, you can punt, you can do everything you want to do. To have a facility like this is something you need, and something we’re looking forward to.”

Dexter Manley, on 80 years: “You’ve just got to keep living. I’m glad I’m here to see it.”

Dan Snyder, on 80 years: “I’m honored to be the steward of the franchise....It’s gonna be a special year for us....We did something [in the draft] we think is very, very special for the future....It’s really about the fans, it’s about the alumni and it’s about the great tradition of the Redskins.”

Bruce Allen, on 80 years: “What a wonderful day for the Washington Redskins....We have an opportunity to make this franchise shine....The goal of this is to make the future even greater for the Washington Redskins.”

Mike Shanahan, on RGIII: “He’s a franchise quarterback who will be here for the next 15 years. I promise you, he will do things that you have not seen quarterbacks do.”

Mike Shanahan on his team: “When you see the foundation come together, you feel pretty good....I guarantee one thing, you’re gonna see a different attitude on the field this year than you’ve seen in a long time.”

Ken Harvey, on 80 years: “How great is this? This is awesome....We represent the greatest fans in the world. We also represent the future. It’s not just about the past.”

Pat Fischer, on 80 years: “It’s quite a thrill to be here, and to still be on the right side of the dirt.”