It took me a while to find all the old Washington Post archived stories about then-Orioles second baseman Davey Johnson, because he wasn’t Davey Johnson back then. He was Dave Johnson, just like the Wizards’ radio play-by-play man.

You don’t find many people who go from “Dave” to “Davey” that late in life. Gotta be a story there.

Anyhow, because I’m so bored that I’m again looking at Redskins-themed license plates, I figured I would bring you a few classic Dave Johnson moments from the archives. As always, the biggest thing I learned is that — despite the nostalgia of some of our older readers — The Post sports section now is about 10,000 times better written, more informative and more intelligent than it was 40 years ago. Plus, those quotes all sound fake. Sorry, but it’s true.

Which is not to say the ‘90s weren’t better than the ‘10s; I’m just saying, some of the nostalgia is a bet overblown.

Anyhow, enjoy.

“I came up to the big leagues on my bat,” Johnson said. “I’d like to be known for my hitting — not as a glove man. But right now I’m neither.”

People sure used to talk different back then.


“I used to love to come to the ball park,” Aaron told Solomon, my first editor here. “But now I hate it. Every day becomes a little tougher because of all this. Writers, tape recorders, cameras, questions and more questions. Roger Maris lost his hair the season he hit 61. I still have my hair, but when it’s all over, I’m going home to Mobile to fish for a long, long time.”

But that has nothing to do with Dave Johnson