Ok, it’s not technically Fresh, in the sense that Racing Teddy’s t-shirt was not dipped in Fresh Sauce, as the 22Fresh people describe their officially licensed Beast Mode shirt. But it’s still a giant racing president wearing a shirt that says “Beast Mode,” and you can’t hate on that.

(Beast Mode also made ESPN.com this week, with Jerry Crasnick writing that Morse “wears it only on days ending in ‘y.’

‘He definitely washes it,’ teammate Jayson Werth said. ‘Well, he doesn’t wash it. But the clubhouse guy does.’)

(Image via the indispensable Let Teddy Win, which also has video.)

Morse himself added to the campaign in his post-game on-field interview with MASN’s Debbi Taylor, who tried asking him about nearly getting decapitated when he broke for home on a suicide squeeze attempt only to see Wilson Ramos swing away.

“Oof, that was a tough one, that was a first, I’ve never seen that happen before,” Morse said. “But you know what, in the end, we got the run in, he got the bunt down, that was great. And before the fans leave, let’s all get on your cell phones, N4, let’s get me to the All-Star game, c’mon, let’s go.”

Later Taylor asked Morse how badly he wants to go to the All-Star game.

“Oh, bad, man,” the first baseman replied. “It would be a dream come true. And why not have two guys from the Nationals represent, you know? Let’s represent Washington out there and show them that we mean business over here.”

By the way, since May 21, Morse is tied for third in the majors in home runs, tied for fourth in RBI and ninth in slugging. The only people in the world with more home runs in that span are Mark Reynolds and Mark Teixeira.