Still and all, you have to respect the Nats game entertainment crew, who do manage to find creative genius in a gimmick that has been going on for years.

So it was on Wednesday night, when Abe and Teddy paid tribute to the Dark Knight and Bane, respectively.

Teddy, being the villain, attempted to wreak havoc, but he was foiled by Abe, and Jefferson won. Let Teddy Win has more:

The mascot team has a history of saluting popular culture with the presidents race. Wednesday’s movie tie-in led some in the stands and on Twitter wonder whether the Nationals have begun selling presidents race product placements, but rest assured no sponsor would pay for costumes this bad.

Makes sense. Video, via the awesome Let Teddy Win, is below. Screencap, via the awesome D.C. Sports Nexus, is above.