Remember last week, when I compiled a few tweets from Maryland football players that seemed to suggest some level of unhappiness with the state of the program?

Well, one of the items included the hashtag #GSP. Why, we outsiders wondered, were the Terps including an homage to MMA legend Georges St-Pierre in their internal correspondence?

Turns out they weren’t. GSP was shorthand, among at least a few players, for “Gossett State Pen” or “Gossett State Penitentiary,” the pet name recently given to the Gossett Team House.

If this was a sort of private joke last week, it became less so on Sunday, when someone inserted this line onto Randy Edsall’s Wikipedia page:

At Maryland, in addition to his coaching responsibilities, he moonlights as the warden of the Gossett State Penitentiary (“GSP”).

Inside Maryland Sports writer Jakob Engelke, who pointed this out on Twitter, also wrote that “players have openly used the hashtag #GSP (Gossett State Penitentiary) on Twitter this season,” which isn’t exactly a subtle way to comment on the state of your program.