WUSA went furthest with this story, writing that “the turf being applied to the field will be either black or pewter,” according to “a source within the program,” which the school denied.

Later, after the school had decided to stick with green, Testudo Times posted photos of test swatches of gray turf, which looked weird.

Anyhow, during this week’s ACC media summit, Coach Randy Edsall sat down with the ACC Digital Network, and was asked about all the changes in his program. After talking about his new coaches, Edsall said this.

“One of the things I think all the teams in the ACC will be exited about is the fact that we’re gonna have a brand new turf field,” Edsall said. “The crown’s gone, so you don’t have to worry about that big crown as a quarterback.”

Riley Skinner, the former Wake Forest quarterback, then asked Edsall about the black turf rumors.

“No, it’s not gonna be black,” Edsall said. “There’s gonna be some black on the outside edges. Everybody kind of jumps to conclusions a little bit too soon. We tried to take a look at all the options available to us, and black was one of the options. but then when you do the test on TV to see what it looks like, it just didn’t look as well as the grass.

“But now it’s gonna be green, two shades of it, every 10 yards a different shade. So it really looks sharp. People will be very very impressed.”

“So come November there’s not gonna be a mud pit down there any more?” Skinner laughed.

“No it won’t be,” Edsall said. “It won’t be a mud pit. Now we can have high school games there, which will aid us in recruiting. There’s been a lot of changes. We’re gonna have a couple new uniforms this year, too. So we’re all set.”

New uniforms >>> black turf.

(Latest photos of turf installation via @UMDGroundsCrew.)


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