Such is Randy Edsall’s commitment to social media that the Maryland football coach posted video of himself getting run over by Davin Meggett during a Terps practice. The man surely deserves more than 5,200 200 followers on Twitter.

In completely unrelated Maryland news, CBS Sports’s Jeff Goodman is arguing that Maryland should somehow have named its basketball court after both Gary Williams and Lefty.

[Scott] Van Pelt's suggestion was to throw up a life-sized statue of the Lefthander — one fans can’t miss — just outside of the Comcast Center. If that’s not enough, toss up a banner in the rafters of the building to further cement his legacy.

Lefty didn’t sound all that excited when I broached the idea.

“Lefty, are you still there?” I asked.

Still silence from the 79-year-old.

Both Williams and Driesell are more than deserving, but it’s clear that one of them would feel slighted by the decision. That honor now belongs to Lefty.

Lefty is not quoted in the story saying he feels slighted, for the record.