Football coach Randy Edsall narrated a brief YouTube video this week, starring the very green Byrd Stadium turf.

“As you can see behind me is the completion of Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium,” Edsall said. “It’s been an amazing process that has taken place over the last three months, to watch them come in and take all the dirt out to get the field to where it could be leveled. But then also to take even more dirt out to put the drainage in. And then to see all the stone that they put in, and all the things that they did to get this field to where it’s at today.

“Our players, [our] recruits are very excited about this field and the Maryland pride that really shows,” he continued. “You see Maryland in the middle of the field, you see the end zone, and they really did a great job of bringing out the colors of the state flag, of our Maryland brand. So we couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to be able to play on this field. We’ll be ready to practice on it starting August the 6th.”

Watch the video here. Relevant images are included below.


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