(Patrick Semansky/AP)

But that doesn’t mean the former Terps beat writer has been forgotten in College Park. Nope, his legacy apparently lives on, in the Maryland football locker room, of all places.

This comes via The Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Barker, who took a media tour of Maryland’s Gossett Team House on Tuesday:

I couldn’t help noticing that there were square, white pieces of paper bolted to some of the equipment in the weight room.

On further inspection, I noticed they were excerpts from media stories from last season. And not flattering ones....

Here was [one] from the Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell from the same day (Oct. 30): “Saturday’s game, which included a combined six turnovers, will be remembered for a torrent of rain, snow, missed tackles and dropped passes. Maryland’s performance best encapsulated a season’s worth of on-field struggles and apparent fan apathy and frustration.”

That passage comes from a Prisbell game story about Maryland’s 28-17 home loss to Boston College.

If you ask me, the less flattering portion of the story was right at the very top:

The 10-month-old Randy Edsall era found rock bottom early Saturday evening, when his Maryland team trudged off a muddy football field that was as tarnished as the Terrapins’ season after a 28-17 loss to Boston College.

Of all the depressing defeats authored by the Terrapins over the past decade — including consecutive losses to Middle Tennessee in 2008 and 2009 and this season’s blowout loss to Temple — Saturday’s result could stand as the worst.

Regardless, nice to see that the name Eric Prisbell won’t soon be forgotten in these parts. By the way, this is at least the second time Prisbell will have been used as motivation by a prominent Maryland coach. Here’s what Gary Williams said a few months after the Prisbell/Steve Yanda series in 2009.

“These guys hung together and they had my back, that’s the big thing,” he told ESPN 980 then. “We talked about it when the articles appeared in The Post, and we just said we were gonna just focus on what we could do, and what we could do was get ready for the next game. We were tough through that whole stretch and it made us a better team. The people that did that really helped us because it really unified us as a team and made us tough.”

Here to help, Maryland. We’re all here to help. Now someone print this out and post it somewhere on campus.