Careful followers of Randy Edsall’s Twitter account, though, might have noticed a flaw with this platitude. Edsall’s tweets this season have indicated that his Terps have consistently had excellent and productive practices, in which they get after it, show improvement, and focus on the little things.

And yet they keep losing. No fair!

Now, I should say that I love Edsall’s social media presence. Some alums are turned off by the uniform talk, but I like it all: the fashion updates, the links to the team’s motivational videos, the occasional glimpses at what’s being served in the team cafeteria or what the team’s equipment trucks look like.

I’m just saying, all these swell practices keep making me expect something more on Saturdays. Let’s review:


Heading out to practice. Another chance to get better.

Another solid practice. The hard work is showing, improving every time we take the field.


Heading out to practice. Time to get back after it.

Getting ready for practice. Focusing on the little things today to get better.

Another productive practice.

We are improving every time we take the field as a team at practice. Time for dinner and then watching film.

Heading out to practice. Working on getting better every time out.

Solid, hard practice. Time to get some dinner and get back to watching tape.


Getting ready to head out to practice. Ready to get back after it, another day to get better.

Just finished a good practice, showing improvement with each session.

Heading out to practice in a few. Focusing on fundamentals and getting better.


Getting ready for practice. Energy and enthusiasm each time we hit the field.

Good practice. Good energy. Got a lot of accomplished on the field today, our players are pushing each other to be better each practice.

Getting ready for practice in a few minutes.


Good to get back after it on the field. We have to stay humble, but stay hungry.

Getting ready to head out to practice. Working like crazy to put ourselves in a position to be successful.

Getting ready for practice. Pushing ourselves every time we take the field.

Heading out to practice. Getting better with every rep we take in every drill.

Good, enthusiastic practice.


Heading out to the field. Time to get back after it and improve with every rep in every drill.

Heading out to practice, concentrating on doing the little things right.

A productive practice today. Getting that energy and enthusiasm back in every drill.

Getting ready to head out to the practice fields. Pushing ourselves to be the best we can be.


Just finished up practice, grabbing some dinner and then getting back to watching film.

Will be heading out to practice soon. Working on consistency in every aspect.

Everyone showed a lot of good effort today at practice to get better.

Getting ready for practice. Concentrating on doing the little things right with every rep.


Getting ready for practice. Time to get back after it.

Finished practice, grabbing some dinner, and getting back to watching some film.

Getting ready for another productive practice.

We got after it pretty good this afternoon.


Getting back after it today, had a good practice yesterday.

Ready to get back after it on the practice field today.

Good practice, finishing up dinner, and getting back to the film room.

Another good weather day to get a good practice in. Progress with every snap in every drill.

Whew! (That’s me again, not Edsall.)

Seven of these nine weeks, of course, have ended in losses.

But that’s ok. Because I’m getting the sense that week 10 might be different.

“Getting ready for a productive practice,” Edsall tweeted this week. “We are getting better on doing the little things right every snap, every drill.”