But I’m not sure there’s been a better quote than this one, from Randy Wittman, following Saturday’s win in Charlotte.

“First win on the road,” Wittman said, according to Michael Lee’s game story. “Ha, ha, ha, hey.”

I mean, this was a team that had won just 3 of its past 50 road games, entering the trip to Carolina. And now Wittman, in three games, has won as many as Flip Saunders did in 17 tries. Ha ha ha hey, indeed.

It wasn’t all rainbows and lollipops, though. Wittman had to sweat this one out until the final missed three-pointer, and the final celebration, which led to some great images.

Like the above, from @RecordsANDRadio. This, frankly, is a face we’ve all made more than once while watching the Wizards this season.