This weeks’ Ravens-Redskins imaginary playoff debate bullet points:

* I just realized that the Ravens were the lead photo on A1 of Monday’s Washington Post. Were I a print subscriber, I would have called my carrier to complain.

(Note: That is a joke. It is your civic and moral responsibility to subscribe to the local paper of record. To start your subscription now, please call 202-334-6100. Tell ‘em Dan sent you.)

* D.C. blog FamousDC published a guide to the Ravens bandwagon. ”Put your Chris Cooley jersey back in the closet and wear something purple this Sunday,” the site advised.

* Rob Carlin, the host of Capitals Central and Capitals Post Game Live on CSN, missed Tuesday’s Caps game to go to Boston and prepare for Sunday’s AFC championship game. Of course, he managed not to miss any Caps goals, which was nice.

* Wednesday’s “Week of Winning” contest from the Ravens includes a search for magic golden Ravens logos on Maryland sidewalks. There are five logos, including one in Howard County, which is prime border country.

* Although the County Executive in Howard is a huge Ravens fan. From the Sun:

[Ken] Ulman, 37, grew up in Columbia but never latched on to this area’s other football team, the Washington Redskins. His father was a fan of the Baltimore Colts, a franchise that moved in the middle of the night to Indianapolis in 1984. Twelve years later, the Cleveland Browns relocated. The Baltimore Ravens were born and promptly became Ulman’s team.

This is why “the government’s George Howard Building in Ellicott City has glowed with purple lights during Baltimore’s past two playoff runs.”

* This isn’t from this week, but I just noticed that the Ravens have pledged to spend $200,000 in marketing on the Eastern Shore this year. Referencing their strong 2011 season and down years by the Redskins and Eagles, the Baltimore Business Journal wrote that “the Ravens know they have lots of clout in trying to woo new fans, even if it means converting Eagles and Redskins fans.”