I wrote on Tuesday that the Ravens are expanding their relationship with Comcast SportsNet, leading to regular season pre- and post-game shows and three preseason broadcasts (two on delay).

I neglected to mention, though, the Ravens are also moving their preseason games to WJLA in the D.C. market this year, after those games were seen on DC 50 the past two summers. WJLA, the ABC affiliate, of course is a stronger station with more prominence and a better known sports brand in this market than WDCW.

All four Ravens games, starting Thursday night, will be broadcast in HD, and there will be 30 minute pre- and post-game shows. WJLA’s sports director Tim Brant will also likely be interviewed during at least some of these shows.

In D.C., the Redskins preseason games will be on WRC and Comcast SportsNet, both of which have financial deals with the Redskins, as does WTTG. That leaves WUSA, I guess, as the only local sports station without an official arrangement with an NFL team.