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Worst Streak: The Redskins went 95 minutes and 5 seconds between scoring any points, from Fred Davis’s fourth-quarter TD grab against Carolina to Graham Gano’s 59-yard field goal to end the first half. That’s horrific. Ghastly. Wretched. They also went 123:55 between touchdowns, a streak that finally ended with 70 seconds left in the game.

Worst Resume: Yes, there are 8,000 caveats about both John Beck’s time in Miami, and his time here in Washington, from injuries to a lack of supporting talent. And yet he’s now 0-9 in games that he’s played, and 0-7 in games that he’s started.

Worst Quote:“We’re gonna stick with John,” Mike Shanahan said after the game. Well, whatever.

Worst Urgency: Now and forever, the Redskins seem unwilling to attempt to go warp-speed in the fourth quarter when down by multiple possessions. Getting to 11 points was swell, but I’d rather have them try to score in a fashion that might allow them to actually win the game.

Worst Late-Game Reappearance: Fred Davis, the much-touted best weapon on the Redskins’ offense, had four catches, all coming inside the final six minutes of the game. This is the second-straight week he’s starred after the game is essentially over.

Worst Goal: The Redskins goal on defense must have been to stop Frank Gore. That’s all that matters against the Niners. The San Francisco running back ended up averaging 5.6 yards a carry and going over 100 yards.

Best Field Goal: Gano! Longest in franchise history. He went 59 yards! A best! A real, definite, non-ironic best!

Best Stat: Here’s another best: the Redskins held the 49ers on their first six third-down attempts. Although the Niners then converted 3 of their next 6 third downs.

(Nick Wass/AP)

Best First Play: The Roy Helu Era, which is about the 17th Era I’ve announced this season, got off to a brilliant start, with a 16-yard run by the rookie running back. Last week’s starter, Ryan Torain, gained just 14 yards in the entire Bills game.

Worst Drop: On Washington’s second drive, Beck delivered a third-down throw gently into Helu’s midsection. It appeared to be a first down, but then Helu dropped the ball, and Washington punted. Honorable mention: Fred Davis.

Worst Quarter: The Redskins have now gone four straight games without scoring a single point in the first quarter. That’s like getting shut out in an entire...ah, forget it.

Worst Audio: You could pretty clearly hear people chanting “De-Fense” on an unsuccessful late-game fourth-down snap. The Redskins had the ball at the time. This game happened to be in Landover.

Worst Interception: Beck. Unless he was actually attempting to throw the ball to 49ers safety Dashon Goldson.

Worst Pass From The End Zone: Late in the first quarter, Beck lazily dropped back and tossed the ball into the path of 49ers lineman Justin Smith, who fortunately dropped the ball. Both guys were standing in the end zone at the time.

Worst Special Teams Specialist: I mean, Brandon Banks is on the Redskins solely to return punts and kicks. He has to be way above average at those roles to justify his roster slot. And he cannot, ever, under any circumstances, try fielding a punt inside the 5-yard line, and then bobble it, and then have to fall on a loose football at the 3. Not allowed. Sorry. “That’s a terrible decision,” Daryl Johnston accurately noted.

Worst Franchise Record: Helu broke the franchise record for catches in a game with 14. It was a record shared by Art Monk (twice) and Kelvin Bryant. Both of Monk’s 13-catch games came in wins, in which he had at least 168 receiving yards.

Best Passing Method: A Beck pass that was tipped at the line of scrimmage and wound up in Helu’s arms went for 17 yards. Lots of open space. It was Washington’s longest play of the day.

Worst Passing Method: On the other hand, a few minutes later, Beck eluded the pass rush and saw a wide open Helu in the flat. So he threw it as Helu’s cleats. Then fans booed.

Worst Tackling: Braylon Edwards caught a short pass between Josh Wilson and Rocky McIntosh in the fourth quarter. Neither tackled him. So he gained 24 yards.

Worst Temper: Trent Williams collected what was at least his second personal foul of the season during a second-quarter incident. Then he got yelled at by his coaches.

Best Quote: “It is what it is for the Redskins offense right now,” Johnston said on the Fox broadcast. I guess that’s what it is.

Worst Idea: A Redskins’ pregame scrap with the other team. I remember a certain pre-game scrap before last year’s Eagles Monday nighter not going very well. There was another pre-game joyfest on Sunday, and that didn’t go so well, either.

Best Twitter Jokes: Look, there just weren’t many bests in this game, even in a one-possession loss. So, since several of you expressed thanks for last week’s gallows humor culled from Twitter, here’s more.

@TheBigFoxx: Why am I thinking of the scene from ‘Platoon’ when the soldier stabbed himself in the leg w/a shovel to go home.

@XmasApe: Wanna go to the gym for an hour but only 49ers/Redskins is on in there. I’d rather not be trapped in a room alone with that game.

@IanOland: John Beck makes five yard passes look like Homer’s The Odyssey Part Two.

@snoopylad: Imagine how bad Beck would be if he HADN’T been the first guy at Redskins’ Park when the lockout ended.

@Matt_Terl: The sarcastic cheer in this bar for the end of the Redskins’ shutout streak was really depressing.

@Willbhenline: No talented players. Overmatched coaches. Stadium filled with bandwagon fans of the visiting team. The Skins are the new Nats.

@Jasonwoodmansee: A few weeks ago, I said that Beck’s worst case was that he was Matt Moore. That's now the best case.

@MichaelJenk: The worst part of the Redskins being this awful is that they’re still not going to get Andrew Luck.

@Snide_Remarks: The upside is you now get 1 topping on your pizza. Could be pepperoni, sausage or even pineapple.

@9CXG71: I’d rather watch Gus Frerotte headbutting the wall than watch Beck or Grossman throw.

@jmill070: Makes sense Skins started slow; whenever a West Coast team travels and plays a 1pm Eastern game...wait a second!

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