A new tradition, cool! Sure, the team is struggling right now, and hasn’t hosted a playoff game in more than a decade, but new traditions are always cool. Dollar dogs for the home finale maybe? Or t-shirt giveaways? An invitation to come down on the field? A gift card for a free tour of Redskins Park, sponsored by Audi?

Well, the body of the e-mail didn’t provide many clues:

As a devoted fan of the Washington Redskins, you enthusiastically embrace the traditions of the season. Whether it’s fellow fans in snouts and dresses expressing their inner “hog” or others opting for feathers and war paint, you share their feeling of oneness with the tribe.

To these hallowed traditions, we invite you to make way for a new one. Click on the video or personalized link below to view a new tradition that more and more Redskins fans are going with.


“It is the season all true Redskins fans eagerly await each year,” the narrator says, over highlight clips and Redskins logos. “It is a time of giving, a time for reconnecting with old friends, and a time of joyous celebration, as we borrow from past traditions for the thrill of starting a new one. Audi invites you to make way for a new holiday tradition during the Season of Audi event....”

Oh, cool. It’s an ad for the official luxury vehicle of the Redskins. You’re right, Redskins, that is indeed a new tradition. I like to call it “cravenly using built-up goodwill from decades ago in a cheesy attempt attempt to move merchandise and satisfy corporate sponsors whose products don’t fit the economic limitations of most Redskins fans.”

But hey, a tradition is a tradition.