Despite the best efforts of media members and occasional coaches, the Redskins Ravens thing has never really taken off as a rivalry. Publicly, at least.

But it turns out the two teams had a simmering private debate over the merits of various adult dancers, or something like that, according to Jets linebacker Bart Scott.

When I was in Baltimore, I can remember with the Redskins, you had guys fighting over strippers and all kind of stuff,” Scott told ESPN New York, when asked about a Jets-Giants rivalry. “I don’t sense that here. I think I’s a mutual respect. I think the town is big enough for both of us.”

“Bart you gotta help me out. You guys fought for strippers? What does that mean? I’m very intrigued,” one host said.

Yeah, I need to know,” said the other.

“When you’re in a small place like Baltimore and D.C. is relatively close, hey, you compete over the same chicks,” Scott explained. “And sometimes a football player’s favorite spot — especially young football players — are strip clubs So it was always a rivalry, guys fighting about hey that’s my girlfriend, that’s my girlfriend. But here? Hey,  five million people, maybe more? Plenty for everybody.”

(Audio here, via Sports Radio Interviews.)