Many Redskins fans, as Redskins fans are wont to do, have convinced themselves that 2012 will be a better sort of year for the burgundy and gold.

Las Vegas bookies, at least right now, are not buying it. The sports book at the venerable Las Vegas Hilton has released its super early 2013 Super Bowl odds, and the Redskins are listed at 100-1, which is exactly last on the list. (In truth, the Skins are tied with the Browns, Rams and Jaguars, which is about the saddest quartet imaginable.)

This story, though, says the Redskins were one of the first teams to attract action at the Hilton.

The Eagles are listed at 12-1, making them NFC East favorites I suppose, while the Giants and Cowboys both check in at 20-1.

In terms of recent history, the Redskins were 30-1 to win the Super Bowl after trading for Donovan McNabb, 75-1 or 80-1 this August (making them among the lowest options), 100-1 in early September, 45-1 in late September, and 200-1 by the season’s mid-point.

The full list of 2013 odds is here.