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Worst First Drive Stat: The Redskins began the game with a three-and-out. According to the Redskins Radio Network, that gives them three punts, three turnovers and one field goal on their seven opening drives this season.

Worst Second Drive Stat: In their first two drives, the Redskins’ ran six plays, gained 16 yards, and punted twice. That meant they were averaging 2.7 yards per play, which seemed really poor at the time. But then they ended the game averaging 3.3 yards per play, which really wasn’t much better.

Worst Halftime Stats: At halftime, the Redskins had gained 61 yards and three first downs. They also had five punts. No turnovers, though. That’s good. Turnovers are bad. Both Redskins turnovers came in the second half.

Worst Game Over Stat: Mike Shanahan had never previously been shut out in 267 games as a head coach, according to the Fox broadcast. Luckily, he still has never been shut out in the U.S. Or in assorted territories. Or in China or London.

Worst Offensive Line Stat: In their first six games, the Bills recorded four sacks. In the first half on Sunday, the Bills recorded four sacks. For the game, they had nine. That tied for the most the Redskins have ever allowed, and was the most in 33 years. To repeat, a team that entered the game with four sacks on the season recorded nine on Sunday.

Worst Season-to-Date Stat: After the Redskins’ opening-week win, they have defeated two teams: the Rams and the Cardinals. Both teams are now 1-6.

Worst Ball Carrying: John Beck was loping along on a promising scramble in the first half when he dropped the football. Like, he just dropped it. Or maybe he kneed it out of his arms. Either way, it was an unusual move, that didn’t seem to provide much of a benefit.

Worst Leg Running: Donte Stallworth fell down on a deep route in the second half, leading to Beck’s second interception. It sort of looked at first like there was contact, but on a later replay, it sort of looked like Stallworth just fell over.

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Worst Celebrating: LaRon Landry continues to celebrate tackles that come after the opposing team has gained a first down. First downs are good for the offense and bad for the defense. Running backs do not celebrate one-yard gains on 3rd-and-long. Safeties ought not celebrate tackles after first downs.

Worst No Huddle: After refusing to run the no-huddle despite a massive fourth-quarter deficit, the Skins finally decided to go no-huddle inside three minutes, and then couldn’t get a snap off before the two-minute warning. It was a fairly symbolic moment.

Worst Special Teams Glitch: Through seven games, the Redskins have had three blocked field goal attempts. Entering Sunday’s action, there had been only 12 blocked field goals in the entire NFL season.

Worst Deep Balls: Every Beck deep ball seemed to be a few yards too long, or a few yards too wide, or a few yards too despicably horrendously abysmally awful.

Worst Quote: “A full quarter left to play!!!!!” Thom Brennaman said at the end of the third quarter. It sounded like a threat.

Worst Quote, Part II: “It’s not looking real good for this Redskins team,” Troy Aikman said late in the fourth quarter. Which was accurate enough, I suppose. Then Fox showed that Shanahan is still a game behind Jim Zorn in the win column through 23 games with the Redskins.

Best Players: London Fletcher had a nice interception and a few solid tackles. Actually, he had 20 of ‘em. Sav Rocca punted real swell.

Best Expressions of Frustration: Highlights from my Twitter feed:

Matt_Terl: D.C.-area Papa Johns will actually be charging extra for pizza this week.

LarryBrown43: If it were me, I would donate my game check to charity. This is not a good performance. Sorry guys.

EBJunkies: We can't pass, run, tackle, cover, kick or return anything. Other than that we’re pretty good.

RealMikeWilbon: Who can the Shanahan Boys gonna blame now for their awful QB situation? I dare you to find 5 more wins on the schedule for the Redskins...

Burgngoldman: No reason to be too proud to punt on 2nd down.

HomerMcFanby: I’m pretty sure Jammal Brown has sacked John Beck twice today.

MrMichaelLee: Bring back Rex...oh wait. Bring back Donovan...oh wait. Bring back Jason...oh wait.

KWaters55: My Mom cheered because the Bills’ punt rolled into the end zone. This is an accepted cheering situation as a Redskins fan.

Chaztopher: The only thing this game has going for it is that it's going to end well before the Steelers-Pats game.

BenRaby31: Maybe the Redskins can play the Toronto Argonauts next time.

@Lizzs_Lockeroom: Is there a CVS in Toronto? Beck needs some protection....

TomSherwood: For Halloween at work, I’m going as a Redskin. It’ll be easy. I just won’t show up.

Troginator: Brandon banks is awesome at returning kicks to the 15.

JasonWoodmansee: You know, I'm starting to consider the possibility that the Redskins aren’t very good.

BMitchLive: What the hell is going on with this damn team? Is the offense's problems on Kyle, the QB, or lack of talent?

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