(Tom Szczerbowski/GETTY IMAGES)

Earlier this month, I pointed out that the Redskins were 3-1 for the eighth time in 16 years. That was weird.

Well, the winning record is gone. Three straight losses have dropped the Redskins’ record to 3-4. Of the seven aforementioned 3-1 starts, only one of them was followed by three straight losses and a 3-4 record. That would be the second Spurrier campaign, in which the Redskins lost to the Eagles to go to 3-2, suffered their worst loss to-date against a mediocre NFC South team, and then hit 3-4 on the road against Buffalo. Those Redskins wound up 5-11. Not very good, but not the worst.

Anyhow, if that wasn’t depressing enough, here is DeAngelo Hall on the Comcast SportsNet Post Game Live show.

“Pretty embarrassed,” Hall said. “I felt like that Monday Night loss against Philly was about as low as you can get, but it’s tough to go out there in a game we felt like we had a chance to win and just drop a total goose egg.”

“It’s tough,” he later said. “It’s tough, it’s frustrating, it’s embarrassing, it’s humbling. It’s a lot of emotions rolled into one.”

“We had our jerseys on, our names on the back of the jerseys and all that, but it just didn’t feel like us,” he later said. “It didn’t feel like us at all, from an execution standpoint, from a swagger standpoint. From the moment we stepped on that field, it just didn’t seem like us.”

Then Brian Mitchell asked Hall what has happened to this season.

“That’s a tough question, man,” Hall said. “I mean, you got a good seat, just like I do. You know, I don’t go in there and gameplan with the coaches or pick plays and things like that. I sit back there, I get the game plan. I review it, I go over it, I watch film, I try to figure out a way to help us win the game. And ultimately we go out there and we execute what’s called. [Pause] So. [Pause]. I don’t know. I don’t know the answer to that question for you, man, but you can best believe we’re out there still fighting, we’re clawing, trying to get every yard, trying to make every play.”