This image, from Redskins Postgame Live on Comcast SportsNet, pretty much says it all.

Though, if you want more....

Rick Snider: “After three straight losses, injuries all over the place and dismal play from both quarterbacks, it’s time for fans to transfer their attention to the Capitals.”

John Keim: “Man, where to start after that one. The only thing missing from that debacle was a pre-game contract extension for John Beck.”

Dan Daly: “As currently constituted, the Washington Redskins barely resemble a pro football team. They can’t run the ball. They can’t throw it. They can’t stop the opposition from doing either. If the past three weeks are a preview of how it’s going to be the rest of the way, they have no hope. Cancel the last nine games and just hold an extended minicamp.”

Jason Reid: “In their second year under Shanahan, the Redskins shouldn’t be in such a mess. Something needs to change. Shanahan must prove he’s capable of fixing this — or step aside for someone who can.”

Bruce Arthur: “It helped, of course, that the visiting Redskins were a car accident in burgundy, gold and white. At quarterback, Washington started the same John Beck who once backed up Cleo Lemon on a Miami team that would finish 1-15; the Washington defence, whether dispirited or just plain bad, couldn’t make Fitzpatrick into Beck.”

Yup, the Redskins are now being made fun of by Canadian columnists.