The devices are password protected, and have a security element to protect the playbook from outsiders.

 “I don’t think anyone’s locked themselves out,” Cooley said on 980. “They made an adamant point that if you mess your password up five times, you don’t just lock yourself out. You erase the entire iPad.”

 Cooley also revealed an unexpected feature. The playbook allows players to send a message to the team anonymously. It was designed to discuss plays, but comes with a fun side benefit.

 The “discussions” can also be anonymous trash talking.

Niles Paul told me,” Cooley said when I asked him about it Friday. “I don’t know who figured it out or who started it. Like I said, they’re anonymous. As of today, there are maybe fifty postings. My opinion is that it will take off.”

 Paul found out about it the hard way.

 “I think Niles pointed it out because Niles was on there [as a target] a couple of times,” continued Cooley. “[Brandon] Banks is on there. I’m sure I’ll be on there. I’m an easy target.”

 Post-practice, there was some chatter from those who hadn’t seen it yet.

 “I just found out about this today,” said Ryan Kerrigan. “Literally just before practice, so it looks like I have some typing to do tonight.”

 Not everyone was in on the secret.

 “I didn’t even know,” laughed Brian Orakpo. “All I’ve seen is the playbook and stuff. It’s about to get serious, now that the word’s out. That’s crazy.”

 It’s all in fun, but at least one player is ready to make it a whole new kind of game.

 “Man, they don’t want to play with me,” said linebacker Chris Wilson. “I’ll [trash talk] someone for no reason, just because I can. I’ll make some alliances, take people out. No joke.”