Shortly after Dan’s video chat ended today, Post columnist Thomas Boswell answered the question that powered the Bog’s video Q&A today Why do you hate the Dallas Cowboys? Boz’s reply, posted in the “Ask Boswell” text chat::

Who needs a reason?

I hate them because, for my whole lifetime, they have been IN THE WAY.

Also, as a kid, the Skins and Cowboys were the two WORST teams in the NFL. In ’61, the year RFK opened, the Skins went into the last game 0-12-1 -- but they beat the Cowboys at RFK 34-24.

At that age, you get hooked. And it’s a good thing.

The video chat below features six or seven other explanations for Redskins fans’ dislike for “America’s Team” — including Dan’s (admittedly confusing) personal take. Watch and enjoy: