Because I’m the official waiting list and party deck beat writer for The Washington Post, the first thing I seized on from Bruce Allen’s Friday appearance on The John Thompson Show was Allen’s comments about the waiting list and party decks. But he also talked, briefly, about football, and said at least one interesting thing: the Redskins coaching staff has already prepared a shorter introduction to the playbook to more quickly get rookies and free agents up to speed when this longest of offseasons finally ends.

“I will say this — and it gets underestimated all the time — I'm quite proud of our coaching staff,” Allen said. “They’ve devised game plans, a CliffsNotes version of our playbook in order to get those players more aware of what's going on quicker. And as you know, it's gonna be a tough burden on coaches, and they're gonna be burning the midnight oil. And there's gonna be a lot of study halls afterwards and a lot of homework that the coaches are gonna be walking these young players through in order to get them up to speed.”

Allen was also asked, indirectly, about the much-publicized list of Washington’s potential free-agent targets authored by Jason LaCanfora last week, and whether that information came out of his office.

“Well, I think it’s speculation,” Allen said. “It better not have come out of my office or else we’re gonna have to change some things. But it’s speculation, and I feel for the media, especially the NFL writers for this whole lockout. They’ve speculated 14 different times; each player who’s gonna be a free agent is gonna sign with 20 different teams. And until the agreement’s reached, the new collective bargaining agreement, we’re just gonna have to wait and see what happens. I’ve heard one player not on our club who’s been rumored to be going to 20 different teams. I think that’s natural with the fact that we’ve had this lockout for so long.”