Jabar Gaffney

The veteran wide receiver went on Comcast SportsNet’s postgame show and was filled with regret.

“It sucks,” Gaffney said. “We should have won that game, definitely should have won that game. And we gave it away. We gave it away. We can’t give away wins.”

I’m not sure that either team gave that game away more than the other, but Gaffney also had an odd take on the Redskins’ competitive drive.

“Real proud of the offense, the way we responded today,” he said. “We were down. Normally, when we get down, guys just pretty much shut down, but everybody stayed up today and we kept fighting back.”

That’s a bad normalcy, if true.

Rex Grossman

If you watched his post-game press conference, he seemed almost distraught, and yet said he had enjoyed himself, which was a very strange dichotomy.

“You play for those moments, and it’s really disappointing we didn’t get a victory,” he said of the overtime drive. “But I enjoyed myself. Being in that Redskins-Cowboys rivalry game, fighting with my teammates, the support from the fans. It’s extremely disappointing that we’ve gone on a losing streak, but at the same time, I enjoyed myself. You know, that was a very interesting time. Playing in this rivalry, it is THE BEST in the NFL. So I’m extremely, extremely disappointed we didn’t get the victory, but we fought our ass off.”

 That probably doesn’t convey the tone. It’s not like he was smiling when he said he enjoyed himself. He wouldn’t even play along with the “did you see improvements?” game.

“I’d rather talk about silver linings on Wednesday or something,” Grossman said.

He also was asked why he seemed so upset this time.

“It stings more because as a player, you understand how much our owner wants to win this game, you understand how much the fans want to win this game,” he said. “An opportunity to play against the Dallas Cowboys, our rival, all the things that were out there for us to get done, and to fight our ass off....”

Jason Witten

The Dallas tight end didn’t seem to share Gaffney’s belief that the Redskins gave this one away, exactly.

“You look back at it, and you’ll know that there’s a lot of things we can improve on,” Witten said on Sirius NFL Radio. “But it’s an emotional game, it’s about will, and it speaks volumes about our team to find a way to will that win.”