(Rob Carr/AP)

Because I was waiting to publish the story, though, I never did a blog post on the television ratings when the Redskins and Ravens went head-to-head on Washington television last Friday, the Redskins via WRC and Comcast SportsNet and the Ravens via WJLA.

The previous week, you’ll recall, the Redskins set a modern D.C. preseason record by earning a 16.3 rating in the D.C. market for their Steelers game, while the Ravens’ WJLA debut against the Eagles earned an impressive 7.1 rating in D.C.

Friday they went head-to-head, the Redskins facing the Colts and the Ravens against the Chiefs. The results?

The Redskins broadcast in Washington earned a combined 13.4 rating, good for about 320,000 households, according to Nielsen Overnight Data. The Ravens broadcast in Washington earned a 1.4 rating, good for about 34,000 households. I’ll give the advantage to the Skins.

In Baltimore, meanwhile, the Ravens broadcast earned a 17.7 rating, good for about 196,000 households, according to the Nielsen Overnights. The Redskins broadcast earned a 1.3 rating, for about 15,000 households.

There was also a national Fox broadcast that night that earned a 1.0 in Washington, meaning about 378,000 Washington-area households were watching preseason NFL football on Friday night. Nearly one-third of TVs in use in this market were tuned to the NFL.

If you don’t feel like reading my story, the other number that was interesting to me concerned the Ravens’ season-ticket holders. About 10 percent of those folks live in the D.C. television market, according to the club. That’s in addition to the 21 percent of Ravens’ seat holders who live in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties, which are part of the Baltimore TV market but sometimes feel like D.C. suburbs. The Redskins declined to provide similar data.

Oh, and I can’t remember if I previously knew this, but the Ravens also told me that last year’s divisional playoff game against the Steelers was the second-highest rated NFL game in the D.C. market all season, behind only the Super Bowl and ahead of every Redskins regular-season game.