First Ryan Kerrigan hacked off his flowing locks before he was even chosen by the Skins; “There comes a time where you’ve just gotta part with some things and the hair was that for me,” he told reporters the night he was drafted.

Then, even worse, seventh-round nose tackle Chris Neild from West Virginia deleted what was once declared the (unofficial) best beard of the 2011 draft combine. I mean, if you draft a nose tackle in the seventh round from West Virginia whose job is to be selfless and brutish, you want the damn beard to come with. Just a tragic, tragic loss.

“Feels weird as HELLL,” Neild wrote on Twitter, after he shaved.

Amazingly, I couldn’t find much of anything on the history of Neild’s facial hair, but I did find this quote in the 2009 Charleston Daily Mail. It’s Neild, describing his build pre-West Virginia.

“I was the biggest butterball you can think of,” Neild said.

Story also had this quote from WVU defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel.

“Chris is the best player that nobody really knows about except us coaches, and I guarantee you the linebackers that play in our defense,” WVU Defensive Coordinator Jeff Casteel said. “He creates a lot of plays for those guys with double teams. He’s a really, really good football player.”