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Best Storyline: Say, remember in the offseason, when the Redskins had a quarterback controversy? Guess what? They do again. I mean, to a normal person they might not, since one of the two choices in this controversy has decided that Kurt Coleman is his favorite target, but based on Mike Shanahan’s track record, I’m assuming we’ll have plenty of days to chew on this one. Shanahan said he would make a decision later in the week.

Worst Timing for a Quarterback Change: If Mike Shanahan sticks with Rex Grossman in the second half and his QB pulls it out, he gets the credit. So when the coach went back to the erratic Grossman in the second half and things got worse....well, a whole lot of people thought it was time to make a change before the Shanahans did.

Best Fan Reaction: The crowd at FedEx Field was ready for John Beck wayyyyy before the Shanahans, from the “We Want Beck” chants to the Grossman boos to the standing ovation when the backup finally entered the game.

Worst Argument: Brian Mitchell argued on the Redskins’ post-game show that the Redskins should choose neither Beck nor Grossman, but David Garrard. There is a zero percent chance of that happening. Or maybe 0.4 percent.

Best First Pass: The John Beck Era began with an 11-yard completion to Fred Davis.

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Best Touchdown Drive: Sure, the Eagles were playing a bit loose, but Beck took the Redskins 80 yards in 10 plays, using 3 minutes and 40 seconds and capping it off by running it in himself. See also: Only touchdown drive.

Worst Endorsement: When asked what was wrong with Grossman on Sunday, Shanahan said “you’ll have to ask Rex.” That seemed pointed. “When you have four picks in a game, everybody knows good things aren’t gonna happen,” Shanahan also said.

Worst Running Game : Against one of the worst rushing defenses in the NFL, a unit that had just been gashed by the Bills, Washington ran 14 times for 42 yards.

Worst Injury: Left guard Kory Lichtensteiger left with a knee injury after Washington’s first drive. After we all spent the bye week talking about how fortunate the Redskins had been with injuries, that was probably inevitable. It also meant Will Montgomery moved to guard, and little-used Erik Cook came in at center. The early report was a torn ACL/MCL for the Steiger.

Worst Injury, Part II: Then Chris Cooley broke his finger. Then Trent Williams suffered a high-ankle sprain, meaning the entire left side of the offensive line was on the bench.

Best Quote: “There’s a lot going on,” Fox’s Sam Rosen said late in the first quarter, and indeed, there was. Two personal fouls, a fight, Andy Reid running onto the field, a Grossman interception, a long Eagles touchdown drive, a fourth-down conversion...it was a fairly frantic beginning.

Best Start: In last year’s visit to FedEx Field, the Eagles scored like 32 points on the game’s first drive. This year, Michael Vick overthrew his receiver by 15 yards, then the Eagles got called for a false stat, and then they ran two failed plays and punted. It was a dramatic difference, and seemed to portend good things. Except, at the end of the first quarter, the Eagles had 8 first downs and 143 yards; the Skins had 1 and 23.

Worst Penalties: Within four plays, Trent Williams cost the Redskins 25 yards, with a holding call and an unnecessary roughness. I never saw a replay of the latter, but you don’t want to be on the wrong end of two flags within four snaps.

Worst Overreaction by Fans: You’re going to hate me, but I didn’t think the roughing the passer call against Brian Orakpo was a disaster. The reverse angle appeared to show Orakpo hitting Vick helmet-to-helmet. You’re not allowed to do that. I’d call it questionable, sure, but not a fiasco.

Best Catch: I usually like to keep this thing Redskins-focused, but Brent Celek’s tip-tip-catch routine in the second quarter was amazing. Watch it here.

Worst Streak: Grossman’s first-quarter interception meant the Redskins have at least one turnover in 19 consecutive games. It also meant that Grossman has personally turned the ball over at least once in each of his nine games with the Redskins.

Best Flea Flicker: Hey, a trick play that worked! Grossman to Helu to Grossman to Gaffney for 45 yards to start the second half. Fun!

Worst Injury Report: Michael Vick missed two plays with “dirt in the face?” Two? For dirt? I’m not sure if I believe that.

Worst Halftime Stats: At halftime, Rex Grossman had completed two passes to the Eagles, and one pass to a Washington wide receiver. The Eagles had 16 first downs, and the Redskins had 5. The Eagles had possession for 21:38, while the Redskins had the ball for 8:22. The Eagles had 250 net yards, while the Redskins had 75. And the Eagles had run 41 plays, while the Redskins had run 21.

Best Tips: Somehow Barry Cofield has five batted passes this season, a career high, through five games. His fifth, which he “batted” with his helmet, was huge, leading to an Oshiomogho Atogwe interception at the Washington 1-yard line.

Worst Tips: Instead of knocking down a deep pass to Jeremy Maclin, DeAngelo Hall tried to intercept it. That allowed Maclin to make a 59-yard catch.

Best Punter: Sav Rocca rules.

Worst Delay of Game: Whether Mike Shanahan was trying to call timeout or not, you can’t really take a delay of game when you’re trying to attempt a 51-yard field goal. Those were the sorts of things that were supposed to be gone in the new, buttoned-up, professional regime.

Worst Drop: Donte Stallworth. The deep Beckball in the fourth quarter may have been underthrown, but help a guy out, huh? If the ball lands in your arms, it’s got to be a catch.

Best Tweet: From Redskins legend Larry Brown: “Sonny & Billy could make the big plays when we needed it. I am not sure that's the case with Rex.” I’m not sure we need to compare Rex Grossman to Sonny & Billy.

Worst Facial Hair: In the past few days, pictures of Lichtensteiger and Cooley wearing mustaches surfaced on Twitter. Both suffered serious injuries on Sunday. No more mustaches, guys.

Worst Decision: I know eventually he will break a long one and make me regret this, but why does Brandon Banks keep bringing the ball out from deep in the end zone on kickoffs? His choices, along with a holding call, gave the Redskins the ball at their own 5, and then their own 15 during the second quarter.

Best Decision: See, after I typed that, he broke a long one and made me regret it. The Redskins started the second half at the 40 yard-line after Banks brought one out from deep in the end zone.

Worst Sack: The Redskins were in field goal range inside the final minute of the first half. Then Rex Grossman got sacked. Then they were nearly out of field goal range, although Graham Gano bailed them out with a 50-yarder.

Best Question: “ What was the problem today,” Jason Reid asked Rex Grossman.

Best Answer: “There were a lot of things that were the problem today,” Grossman said.

Worst Payback: Last week, the Redskins didn’t play, and the Giants and Eagles lost. This week, the Redskins played, and the Giants and Eagles won. More bye weeks, please.

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