Worst Statistics: Jim Zorn went 12-20 in two seasons. Steve Spurrier went 12-20 in two seasons. Mike Shanahan has gone 11-21 in two seasons. Sure, circumstances were totally different, but the record is the record. Shanahan also posted a 5-11 mark this season, the worst of his NFL tenure. The Redskins’ 24-point deficit in their finale was the worst of the season. Also, in five of their losses, the Skins allowed either 33 or 34 points.

Best Quote: “Ok, we wound up 5-11. Not very good! But there was some worse ‘un us. I guess that’s one positive way to look at it, we weren’t the worst team in the league. But it wa’n’t very good.” If only.

Best Quote, II: “I am starting to change my mind about not wanting to coach the Redskins secondary. Maybe I could help Coach Shanahan bring a winner back to the Burgundy & Gold.” That’s Darrell Green, on Facebook. “I am not sure how to go about it, but we will see,” he later wrote on Twitter.

Worst Everything: In the final minute of the first half, the Redskins turned the ball over on downs inside the Philadelphia 40, got the ball back on a sack and forced fumble, took a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty from the four yard line, ran a ridiculous pass play over the middle without any timeouts, and put two centers on the field at once, allowing the clock to expire without attempting a field goal. If they were tanking for draft position, it was brilliant. If they were actually trying to be a professional football team, it was pathetic.

Best Commentary:And immediately after that sequence, people on Twitter destroyed the Redskins, like this:

Scott Van Pelt: Redskins with a horrific lack of clock management. It's impossible for an NFL team to bungle worse. What a joke. 7 mill a year for that?”
Trey Wingo: Well, the end of the half there PRETTY MUCH sums up the Skins season.
Larry Brown: The confusion at the end of 1st half could be eliminated if the QB was completely in charge of the game while on the field.
Dan Graziano: End of half in Phi-Was was shown on RedZone....and proved why so little of the game had been shown before.
Rich Campbell: What a show the Redskins are. Pathetic.
John Keim: Um. speechless.
Brett Haber: I just laughed so hard at that end-of-half cockeyed fire drill, I think I peed a little.
Phillip Daniels: Wow that was a hot mess at the end.
Michael Wilbon: Mike Shanahan may not be in trouble...but he ought to be...with these back-to-back disaster seasons...

Worst Production Work: And during that entire disaster, Fox wasn’t even showing the game clock, so it was impossible to know exactly what was happening. The whole thing stunk.

Worst Streaks: Now and forever, it’s the turnovers. The Redskins have turned the ball over at least once in 30 straight games, the longest streak in the NFL. Also, Grossman himself has turned the ball over at least once in 18 straight games. This year, he finished with 25 turnovers in the 13 games he started. And I’ve included this item for like eight straight weeks.

(Mel Evans/AP)

Worst Temper:Santana Moss sure seemed like he had a strong argument when he was mugged in the end zone near the end of the first half and didn’t get a flag. But it was obviously going to be a 15-yard penalty as soon as he ripped off his helmet to scream at officials. The penalty helped ensure the Redskins would end the first half without any points. Being a team captain for the Redskins apparently requires you to repeatedly lose your temper on the field and cost your team field position.

Worst Drops: Jeremy Maclin and Moss both dropped potential touchdown catches in the first quarter. Moss’s was underthrown by Grossman, but the ball was in his arms.

Worst Drop, Defensive Edition: A tipped ball fluttered directly into Reed Doughty’s arms in the end zone. He didn’t catch it. The Eagles wound up with a field goal on the drive.

Worst Tackle: Chad Hall was stopped cold by Perry Riley and DeAngelo Hall at the one-yard line, and then kept fighting and wound up scoring the game’s first touchdown. Hall is 5-foot-8 and weighs 187 pounds.

Worst Field Goal Operation: The Redskins had their fifth blocked field goal of the season on Sunday. To that point, there had only been 28 blocked field goals in the entire NFL this season. Only one other team had more than two blocked field goals this season. The Skins also had an extra point blocked this season, meaning of 33 total blocks, Washington was on the wrong end of six of ‘em. Fox reported that Graham Gano became the first kicker to suffer at least five blocked field goals in one season since 1997.

Worst Punt: Redskins 2010 MVP Sav Rocca returned to Philadelphia and shanked his first punt to the tune of 22 yards, his worst kick of the season. The Eagles turned that into a field goal, the game’s first score. When Rocca has a bad game, you know it’s gonna be a tough week for the good guys.

Best Cutback: Evan Royster. His 28-yard second quarter run involved making at least four Eagles defenders looking quite silly.

Best Unit: Ryan Kerrigan and Orakpo were all over Mike Vick on Sunday. London Fletcher leads the NFL in tackles. And Perry Riley has been perhaps the nicest surprise of the season on defense, continuing his strong showing with a leaping pass break-up on Sunday. The linebackers have to be the Redskins’ best unit, and by a pretty large margin.

Worst Job Staying With DeSean Jackson on a Deep Route: Oshiomogho Atogwe and Josh Wilson (tie). Jackson’s 62-yard touchdown catch prevented us from enjoying a thrilling ending to the season finale.

Worst Challenge: Mike Shanahan. Two weeks in a row. Maclin’s catch, which Shanahan challenged, was not close to not being a catch.

Best Name for Sunday’s Game: “The Barf Bag Game,” as Thom Loverro named it, works pretty well.

Worst Limp: Helu carried for seven yards in the second quarter, then gimped his way back toward the offensive coaches. For some reason, he later re-entered the game, and managed to limp his way to a 47-yard touchdown catch.

Best Rookie Duo: In five of Washington’s last six games, either Roy Helu or Evan Royster ran for more than 100 yards. That, and Kerrigan’s emergence, will be the two happiest memories over the next eight months.

Best Line: Eagles linebacker Keenan Clayton said something to Brandon Banks about his “little ass” after Banks made his first catch of the year in the third quarter.

Worst Punt Return:On one Banks return, both Anthony Armstrong and Lorenzo Alexander were called for illegal blocks. Since Banks wasn’t blocking at the time, that meant that 20 percent of eligible Redskins were breaking the rules. Wasn’t really a banner day for the special teams unit all around.  

Worst Injuries: Let’s see, Helu, Royster, Darrel Young, Orakpo, DeJon Gomes, Riley and Gano were all banged up at various points on Sunday. No key pieces there or anything.

Worst Tweet: “C’mon Redskins fans, click on the ‘LIKE’ button in our Social Showdown with the Eagles,” the Skins’ official Twitter feed pleaded during the first half. “Help us #BeatPhilly.” Dear Redskins employees: Redskins fans care more about #BeatingPhilly on the field than #BeatingPhilly in Social Showdowns, whatever those are. Anyow, the Redskins wound up getting stomped in the Social Showdown, too. There’s always next year.