Midway through the third quarter on Saturday, Rex Grossman made his first on-field appearance of the season at FedEx Field. The fans booed. Loudly.

The jeers were easily audible on the Redskins television broadcast. They were easily audible on the Colts television broadcast, and the Redskins radio broadcast, and the Colts radio broadcast. And they were easily audible at FedEx Field, where media members and fans immediately began tweeting about the home team’s backup QB getting booed without having done a single thing.

Grant Paulsen: “Rex Grossman comes onto the field and gets booed by many Redskins fans. Silly geese.”

@letzgoTerps: “Promptly and deservedly booed.”

@PlayfulKitten: “Redskins fans who were at the game today and booed Rex Grossman —classy, folks. Thought we were the one fanbase above that immaturity guess not.”

@dcborn61: “You go to a preseason game paying full price, you can boo the poor excuse for a qb that Rex is. Shut up anyone who says otherwise.”

John Keim: “More booing of Rex. What is this, the welcome home luncheon? Honestly don’t get it. Not his fault the HC staked his rep on him.”

And so on and so forth. The booing also made at least three of the preseason broadcasts, and none of the announcers were too happy about it.

(Nick Wass/AP)

Don Fischer: Rex Grossman is going to take over at quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Six-one, 10th year player out of Florida.

Jim Sorgi: Oh! Whoa-whoa!

Fischer: They’re booing him! Wow!

Sorgi: In his home stadium. That’s terrible. That’s terrible by these fans


Sonny Jurgensen: Rex Grossman has come into the game.

Larry Michael: Sexy Rexy in the game for the Redskins. And we saw what Kirk Cousins did last week, 21 points in the fourth quarter.

Jurgensen: This is RGI. 

Michael: He is RGI, that’s exactly right.

Sam Huff: What does that mean?

Michael: Rex Grossman.

Jurgensen: No, he’s RGIII-I, Rex Grossman III-I.

Huff: Ok.

Michael: Crowd realizing Rex is in and they’re reacting in a negative way. Hate to hear that from the FedEx Field faithful.


Bob Lamey: The crowd doesn’t like the fact that RGIII is out. A lot of them are getting up and leaving.

Will Wolford: That’s silly.

Lamey: It really is.

Now, bear in mind, there’s a decent chance Rex Grossman will see the field at some point this season, whether it’s in mop-up duty or because of injury. Should fans boo him?