A lot of people in Washington enjoy watching the Redskins on TV. Stop the presses. Give me space on A1 of The Post. Bump up my salary for getting the scoop.

It might not be news, but it’s still endlessly fascinating to me. Sunday’s Redskins-Giants game on Fox earned a 30.8 rating and a 52 share in the D.C. television market. That means 52 percent of all televisions in use Sunday afternoon were watching the Skins. It also means about 736,000 households were watching in this market.

That was the best rating for a Skins game since week 4 of last season, when the team did a 33.0/56 in the Washington market for Donovan McNabb’s trip back to Philadelphia. Last year’s season-opener did a 37.2, but that was the Cowboys and in primetime.

It also made Washington the second-highest rated NFL market for a Fox game on Sunday, behind only Minneapolis, which did a 32.9 for the Vikings game. There were seven Fox games on Sunday, meaning Washington outrated Seattle, San Francisco, New York, San Diego, Charlotte, Phoenix, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and Tampa Bay.

On the other hand, less impressive Redskins comps come from Sports Business Journal (via Real Redskins), which ranked NFL teams in terms of social media followings. Of 32 NFL teams, the Redskins are 17th in Facebook likes and 24th in Twitter followers. For a team with three Super Bowls located in a major metropolis that is filled with Twittery people, I’d say that’s disappointing.