I’ll admit that, like you, when I heard about the prospect of a Spanish-language version of “Hail to the Redskins,” called “Viva Los Redskins,” I was more than a little skeptical. And you likely have more history and nostalgia tied up in that tune than I do.

But please, before you reject it, give it a listen, below. I’ve gone through it 10 times. It just keeps getting better. I can see the stadium in a joyous party along with this soundtrack. Some back story:

Michael Garin, José Antonio (Tony) Melián and Matt Rocker are delighted (and astonished) to present “¡Viva Los Redskins!” Michael (Drama Desk winning composer/lyricist/performer) and Tony (who voices the Spanish track for HBO Sports specials) are lifelong Redskins fans and longtime friends who met at The Williamstown Theatre Festival in 1986. Out of the blue one day, Michael proposed to Tony that they embark on a joint venture to translate and record a Spanish language version of “Hail to The Redskins.”

The ditty will be played Sunday at FedEx Field as part of “Redskins Hispanic Heritage Week,” which also includes the launching of a new Spanish-language Skins site. And there’s much more information about the song here.