Best Facial Summary of the Fourth Quarter: See above. Via @RecordsANDRadio.

Worst Maturity: There’s a lot still to be learned about the reported four-game suspensions for Trent Williams and Fred Davis, but regardless, it’s hard to imagine a happy spin. Both guys have previously had maturity issues, both off the field and on. You can’t have your two most talented offensive players miss a quarter of the season due to drugs. This franchise has enough other problems. That’s just nonsense.

Worst Streak: Roy Helu’s third-quarter fumble meant the Redskins have turned the ball over at least once in 26 straight games, the longest streak in the NFL. The Skins are tied with the winless Colts for the second-worst turnover margin in the NFL at -11.

Worst Other Streak: Rex Grossman’s fourth-quarter fumble meant Grossman himself has turned the ball over at least once in 14 straight games. This year, he has 18 turnovers in the nine games he’s played.

Best Running Back: Still Roy Helu. He went for 100 yards again, making him the first Skins rookie runner to hit triple digits two games in a row since Reggie Brooks in 1993, according to CSN. Still wish we had seen more of him earlier this season. With around the same number of carries as Ryan Torain and Tim Hightower, Helu is averaging a full yard per carry more than either of his peers.

Worst Audio: The “J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!” chant, which was clearly audible late in the fourth quarter, just before the Jets scored their third touchdown in just over three minutes.

Best Fred Davis Joke: In the first half, Davis drew an illegal contact penalty. And by the way, “illegal contact” is also what happens when you enter Davis’s home.

Best Other Fred Davis Joke: There was at least one play where Grossman threw the ball way over Davis’s head. I mean, the guy can get high, but not that high.

Best Other Fred Davis Joke: As @TheNuttSays tweeted, the Redskins should have scheduled a press conference for Davis to discuss the suspension at 4:20. Of course, as it turned out, he and Williams both left the locker room without talking.

Best Last Game: If that was it for Davis this season, he went out in style, with six catches for 99 yards, including a couple of really dope catches. Sorry, can’t help it.

Worst Job Throwing it Away: Every time Rex Grossman panics and attempts to throw the ball away, he very explicitly throws it to absolutely no one. Sometimes with great velocity. Often without leaving the pocket. It’s bizarre. Jim Zorn would cure him of this malady with a combination of slip-n-slides, giant padded garbage cans, inflatable pumpkins, donut holes and shaken bottles of club soda, but alas, Jim Zorn is no longer here.

Best Pass Deflector: I don’t know where exactly you find this stat, but the CBS broadcast team said that Barry Cofield leads the NFL in passes deflected. That is one of the very few categories in which anyone on this team leads the NFL.

(Patrick McDermott/GETTY IMAGES)

Worst Near-Miss: On the third-down conversion just before Mark Sanchez’s touchdown pass to Santonio Holmes, Kevin Barnes blitzed and very nearly got to Sanchez before he pumped and moved up in the pocket.

Best Television Broadcast: Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts were far, far, far better than the J-team Fox broadcast teams we’ve been subjected to in recent weeks.

Worst Record: This season certainly could be it for Mike Shanahan. The team’s coach has never finished worse than 6-10 during his lengthy NFL career. The Redskins would need at least two wins against the Patriots, Giants, Vikings and Eagles to get there. Here’s guessing it comes down to the finale in Philly.

Best Special Teams Hit: Niles Paul, back from injury and not doing much on offense, crushed Jets rookie Jeremy Kerleyon a punt late in the first half. Now, Kerley had bobbled the ball well before the hit, but it was still a blast. Perry Riley recovered the fumble for Washington.

Worst Job Calling Consecutive Timeouts: Redskins.

Worst Onside Kick: Redskins.

Worst Defense During Garbage Time: Redskins.

Worst Halftime Stat: Helu looked dynamic every time he touched the ball in the first half, and averaged 5.7 yards a carry. So why did the team have 20 passes to 11 runs, including three straight runs from inside the 20 in the final minute of the first half?

Worst Kickoff After a Field Goal: Bless Graham Gano’s heart, he keeps doing things that make you understand why he’s still employed. Sunday, it was his go-ahead fourth quarter 46-yard field goal. And then he still does things that make you wonder. Sunday, it was the amazingly short kickoff after that field goal, which wound up with the Jets near midfield. Dan Fouts said Gano “chili-dipped” the kick, which is not a phrase I’m familiar with. Shanahan said Gano accidentally kicked the ground first.

Worst Touchdown Offense: Gano wound up with four field goals in the loss. It was the third time this season the Redskins had at least three field goals in a loss.

Best Results Elsewhere: If you did want to maintain a bizarre hope about the playoffs, it would have been a good thing that the Bears, Falcons and Bucs lost early games on Sunday, and that the Eagles lost on Thursday. I was getting ready to calculate playoff scenarios until that fourth quarter thing happened.

Worst Offensive Quarter: The Redskins had 11 plays in the third quarter, and gained 12 yards. Included in there was an eight-yard run. So the other 10 plays averaged 0.4 yards.

Worst Officiating: The late hit on Sav Rocca seemed like the definition of roughing the punter, which would have meant 15 yards and a first down. Instead, it was called running into the punter, and the Jets kept the ball. They wound up driving for a field goal. And no, I don’t think the Barnes personal foul was worse. It was perhaps a questionable call, but Barnes said it was a dead-ball late hit, not a helmet-to-helmet. Maybe he didn’t hear the whistle, but you can’t blame the refs for that.

Worst Punt Return: Late in the third quarter, with the Redskins needing a spark on special teams, Brandon Banks went backwards five yards, ran in a straight line across the field and then fumbled out of bounds. In fairness, he later had a good punt return and a solid kickoff return.

Worst Stat: I’m now willing to admit the Redskins will miss the playoffs. That will mean one playoff berth for this franchise in the last 19 seasons it’s been coached by someone besides Joe Gibbs.

Best Quote: Brian Westbrook, on the Comcast SportsNet postgame show: “Their number one problem is they’re not that good.”