Things I learned about the Redskins’ players-run practices from this Kelli Johnson CSN Washington piece:

* Even if it’s a weird half-media-spectacle-practice in May, rookies are still rookies, and have to pick up the garbage.

* Also, London Fletcher has said rookies don’t get to pick their own nicknames just yet.

“We had Leonard Hankerson out here talking about ‘Yeah, call me Hank,’ ” Lorenzo Alexander told reporters. “[Fletcher’s] like, ‘Man, no, your name is Leonard. You don’t get no nicknames until you earn ‘em.’ So he’s definitely putting them in place, making sure they get here early, lay out the equipment, clean up, picking up all the bottles and stuff afterwards.”

“After that first play being made, I’m sure they’ll be calling me Hank,” Hankerson said.

* The veterans arranged hotel reservations and transportation for the rookies, making sure they all stay in the same place so they can do whatever rookies do when they stay in a hotel together.

* Veterans aren’t installing the entire playbook, because “I think our heads would explode,” Evan Royster said.

* I’m so desperate for items that I’ll post a video of Redskins rookies picking up trash after a weird half-media-spectacle-practice in May.