When the governor of Virginia said that he considered the Redskins his state’s team, it raised a few eyebrows. After all, the Redskins have ties to Maryland and D.C. as well.

Some of the Redskins players themselves are locally grown, and disagree with Gov. McDonnell’s assumption.

“I feel like it’s a DMV team,” said DeAngelo Hall, who is from Chesapeake, Va. “I feel like we have just as many fans in Maryland as we do in Virginia. Same in D.C. area. It just so happens that Virginia is so big that you kinda want to go to the biggest area.”

Tanard Jackson, a Maryland-bred guy from Silver Spring, agrees.

“Our fan base travels from Maryland, D.C., Virginia. I mean, the more the better,” he said. “They’re probably the greatest fans in the NFL.”

It echoes the sentiment of most people who responded to the governor’s attempt to claim the Redskins for the Commonwealth.

“There are still Redskins fans in Maryland and D.C. I don’t think it belongs to anybody,” added Evan Royster, whose hails from Chantilly. “It’s a DMV thing. Why claim somebody? Technically Virginia’s not even in the name of the team.”

While most of the guys were political in their “the team belongs to everyone” approach, Josh Morgan was a little more emphatic. Morgan grew up three blocks from RFK Stadium and takes the governor’s statement more personally than the others.

“Virginia? Aw, naw. What I was born into, the Redskins were always D.C. I lived right down the block from RFK, so when I was growing up I used to hear the games down there being played. I used to watch some of the games. Redskins will always be D.C.’s team, but I guess now that they moved out here and they moved to FedEx field, it’s the DMV’s team.”

Let’s just change the name to the DMV Redskins and be done with it.

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