(Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

Helu’s First Drive

The first drive, during which Roy Helu touched the ball on six of eight plays and wound up in the end zone, earned rave reviews.

“Well, look what the Redskins found last week, right? A runner,” Sam Huff said. “That’s great. Finally, the coaches put him in the game, and let him run. Whoo!...Helu can run. He proved that last week....This is a two-man attack, the quarterback and Helu....He has good size. He’s not small. He’s a big fullback....He looks like Jim Brown the way he’s running now! Holy cow! I mean, he’s in shape, isn’t he? Got to be to run like he’s running.”

The Wildcat

“Once again they go to the Wildcat with Sanchez out to the right,” Larry Michael said during New York’s first drive. “Greene takes the direct snap, running to his right, and he’s stopped right at the first-down marker. So they’re gonna go to the Wildcat quite a bit, it seems.”

“It looks like it, doesn’t it?” Sonny Jurgensen agreed.

“And we’ll see if he got enough for the first down,” Michael continued. “I think he’s gonna be short by about a half a yard.”

“I’m a little bit lost,” Huff said. “What do you mean by Wildcat?”

“The running back is playing deep, and he’s taking the direct snap, so the running back is in essence the quarterback,” Michael explained.

“That’s almost like a punt, ok?” Huff said. “You don’t know what it is. You call it the Wildcat?”

The Kevin Barnes Penalty

Late in the third quarter, Barnes was whistled for hitting Mark Sanchez. Barnes later said he was told the penalty was for hitting after the whistle, though officials announced it as helmet-to-helmet on the field.

“That is a bad call, he came clean, took him out, and they’re gonna call the penalty on Kevin Barnes,” Michael said. “Looked like he hit him on the shoulder pad that time.”

“They’re seeing something I didn’t see,” Huff agreed. “I didn’t see a helmet-to-helmet. Watch this. He hit him in the chest.”

“Well, he hit him in the jaw,” Michael conceded, watching the replay.

“HE HIT HIM IN THE CHEST! WHAT THE HELL!!!!” Huff yelled. “You can hit a guy in the chest; you can’t hit him in the face.”

“Well, Sanchez turned his head at the last second, and he hit him with the crown of his helmet on his facemask,” Michael said.

“Sam, look at this, look,” Jurgensen said.

“The guy ducked down into him!” Huff said. “What the? The offensive guy caused it, it wasn’t the defensive guy. Jesus. I don’t know what they’re doing to this game any more. That’s ridiculous.”